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” MUSICAL SKILLS” ” EXPERTISE “ | Conducting academy – Annual training – art of conducting


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  • Job gesture: Basic gestural, motor development, link between gesture and listening,
  • Working communicative energy.
  • Communication Principle “transmitter / receiver”
  • Management of the space / time
  • Orchestration: basic principles, knowledge of instruments (own techniques, acoustic principles)
  • Writing Work on works, applied organology,
  • Work adaptations and arrangements …
  • Study and Analysis of the partition:
    gestural analysis
    harmonic analysis,
    Thematic analysis …
  • Performance hearing individual. Working harmonic and melodic hearing, relative and absolute development of hearing …
  • Rhythmic Individual performance, work on the pulse (absolute and relative), change tempos, equivalencies, measurement, subdivisions, polyrhythms, compounds rhythms, irregular steps….

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